Innova Skillshot Detail


Innova Skillshot

The SkillShot™ by Innova is built for action! Weighs 26 pounds, and folding to the size of a golf umbrella, the SkillShot is the most portable basket in disc golf.

It even comes with a flag for reading the wind and its very own carry case. With colorful 600 denier polyester skins, the SkillShot™ is available in black, blue, forest green, and red. It just may also be the most visible disc golf target. With a sturdy tripod base, the SkillShot™ can be mounted on hillsides or on the flat, allowing more flexibility than flat based targets. The SkillShot™ also has 16 real chains. Keep one in your trunk for an impromptu practice session whenever, WHEREVER!

The SkillShot™ is approved by the PDGA for C-Tier events. It’s perfect for P.E. programs, gym classes, and for all age groups!

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