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The FD1 by Discmania is a fairway driver designed to sit right between the classic FD & FD3. It is quite similar to the FD in hand but it's got added low speed stability and less glide. The FD1 loves torque and speed giving it a very stable flight when pushed hard but still retains good low speed fade at the end. An excellent disc to shape shots with and handles wind well. Power players will love to work with the FD1. Players with lower armspeed that find the FD3 to be too overstable may find that the FD1 is just what they need to complement their FD.
Retail: €26.90
Our Price: €25.90
You Save: €1.00

Horizon Details

Horizon plastic is an S-Line combo containing two strikingly different color variations with a fantastic durability & grip.


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