Dynamic Discs Dirt Bag Detail


Dynamic Discs Dirt Bag

When it’s too humid outside, and your hands are sticking to your disc excessively, pull out the dirt bag and absorb the excess moisture. We suggest keeping the dirt bag in the baggy which it arrives with to keep it dry. Dynamic Disc says: “The Dynamic Discs Dirt Bag is available in eight colors. The dirt bag shown in the image above is red/black. Our “dirt bag” contains a mix of rocks that, when rubbed together, create a “dynamic dust” that feels similar rosin. It is approximately 4.5″ x 3″ in size. Features: Super absorbent and easy to carry Retain their drying ability for longer than other similar products Unlike other products out there, if these happen to get wet, they will dry out and be usable again in future rounds”

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