Dynamic Discs Backpack Cart Detail


Dynamic Discs Backpack Cart

Dynamic Discs has partnered with Zuca to make their own version of the ever popular backpack cart! 

This cart is ideal for Disc Golfers who already have a backpack bag, but would like to be prepared for longer courses or tournament play. This cart is also perfect for those Disc Golfers who play rugged terrain as well as flat courses. Roll your cart on the green grass and take the backpack out for the mountain course.

This Backpack Cart will take the strain off of your shoulders as well as give you a seat to rest on. The seat also lifts up to give you access to the top of your bag.

Plus, accessories (sold separately) are available to make your vehicle even more luxurious. Add a putter pouch, seat cushion, umbrella holder, or a rain fly to be prepared for anything! 

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