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Product Type : Portable Baskets

The Discmania Active Target is a new Disc Golf Basket from Discmania's Active Line.  It has a highly visible yellow-orange band and cage. It's approved by the PDGA for professional play.

The Active Target has 18 chains that are also connected horizontally to ensure the best catching experience. It weights 34 lbs, so it's easy enough to carry around, but also more sturdy than other baskets in it's price range.

The target is easy to setup, it only takes a few clicks to assemble and take apart. Note, the poles of the baskets will fit tight on the first assembly, so please be cautious when setting up the basket.

NOTICE: This basket is not UV protected, so storing it indoors after use is recommended. Otherwise, it may fade in the sun. This run of non-UV protected baskets is slightly discounted from what the regular price will be. No returns will be accepted for faded baskets. 

Discmania Active Target measurements:

Target height: 143 cm
Target band height: 8 cm
Top diameter: 56 cm
Target width: 68 cm
Base diameter: 63 cm

Our Price: €199.89 - €199.89


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